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While a divorce and an annulment both bring a marriage to an end, an annulment treats the marriage as though it never happened at all. There are a number of reasons that a person might choose to seek an annulment over a divorce, such as a philosophical disagreement with the idea of divorce or a personal need to have no connection with the relationship.

You must have specific grounds to pursue an annulment under Missouri law, and a compelling argument needs to be made for one to be approved. Be sure that you have an experienced Columbia annulment lawyer who understands the law in order to give yourself the best chance of securing the results you need. At The Law Firm of Lorri Kline, we will diligently pursue every available option for clients seeking an annulment.

Understanding the Grounds for an Annulment in Missouri

The majority of marriages that get annulled are very short in length, typically not longer than a few months. The following are some of the primary reasons our clients might choose to seek an annulment:

Misrepresentation or fraud: You may have grounds to seek an annulment if your spouse lied about his or her ability to have children, sexual orientation or some other issue that would have impacted your decision to marry.

Concealment: If your spouse is the carrier of a sexually transmitted disease, is impotent or infertile, has a criminal history or has other secrets that were intentionally kept from you, it may create grounds for seeking an annulment.

Refusal or inability to consummate the marriage: If your spouse refuses or is unable to have sexual intercourse, you may be able to seek an annulment.