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Asset Recovery

If the government can demonstrate that the proceeds from a crime were used to acquire a house, vehicle, business, or other financial assets, they can seize those assets. Even if the charges against you are eventually dismissed or you are found not guilty, the assets may not be returned to you without taking the proper legal action.

The Law Firm of Lorri Kline represents clients in asset forfeiture proceedings in both federal and state courts. We understands the law as it affects property seizure actions and has experience in cases involving asset forfeiture, money laundering, drug crimes and other criminal charges.

Reversing an Asset Forfeiture Action

In some asset forfeiture actions, there is a legal presumption that the money in your possession consists of the illegitimate or illicit proceeds of a crime unless you can demonstrate otherwise. The Law Offices of Lorri Kline can examine the facts in your case and, if a viable basis for the return of the property exists, will seek to free up your seized property. The key is to always show that the assets in question are legitimate or otherwise not subject to forfeiture.

For example, if your property was illegally seized in violation of your constitutional or Fourth Amendment rights, he may be able get it returned on this basis. Likewise, he may be able to demonstrate that a legitimate chain of financial transactions enabled you to acquire the asset. We will examine all possibilities and work energetically to obtain the return of your hard-earned property.

Making the Right Strategic Decision

Asset forfeiture actions can occur concurrently with or even before a criminal trial. Because everything you say during a forfeiture hearing is under oath and can be used against you in the criminal trial, it may be better to let the property go for the time being rather than risk incriminating yourself. The Law Office of Lorri Kline can analyze these issues as they affect your situation and recommend the appropriate strategy.