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Post-Divorce Modifications Lawyer

Sometimes there are legal issues that must be addressed long after a divorce is finalized. If alimony (also called spousal maintenance) or child support was part of your divorce order, there may come a time when these financial arrangements need to be revisited. If you or your ex-spouse has had a significant change in your financial circumstances post-divorce, you might require a modification in the payments you receive or give.


The Law Offices of Lorri Kline can provide you with dedicated legal representation if you are proposing or contesting a financial modification of your original divorce order. Our attorneys have helped a significant number of clients in modification cases, which have resulted in a favorable outcome for them.

We can help you protect your legal and financial rights whether you are due more money from an ex-spouse or are contesting a raise in alimony or child support. Contact our experienced modification lawyers today for a free initial consultation to discuss your options for a divorce order modification.