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Paternity Disputes in Missouri


The Law Firm of Lorri Kline Handling Paternity Determinations

The establishment of a child’s paternity has long-lasting consequences. In addition to being required to provide child support, men who are identified as fathers may also be entitled to exercise their custody and visitation rights.

The attorneys at The Law Firm of Lorri Kline have the experience and resources to assist in paternity matters. 

Determining Paternity in Missouri

paternity action may be brought by the mother or by the father anytime before a child’s 18th birthday. A child between the ages of 18 and 21 may seek to have paternity established. Before taking steps to establish paternity, contact the attorneys at The Law Firm of Lorri Kline to discuss the options available.

Child Support, Custody and Visitation in Paternity Cases

Missouri law does not distinguish between married and unmarried parents when it comes to child support, custody and visitation.

The Form 14 Child Support Amount Calculation Worksheet distills a variety of factors that are considered in the calculation of child support. The judge may deviate from the amount computed through the use of Form 14 if certain circumstances exist.

The court bases its child custody or visitation decision on the best interests of the child. By law, the judge must consider certain factors when making the determination. Some of those factors include the wishes of the parents, the child’s need to have a meaningful relationship with both parents, the mental and physical health of the parents and the child’s wishes.