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Rights of the Unwed & Domestic Partnerships in Missouri

The Law Firm of Lorri Kline Representing Unmarried and Same-Sex couples

Partners who are not married face special challenges in ensuring that their rights are protected and their wishes honored. Attorneys at The Law Firm of Lorri Kline, have particular experience in assisting unmarried and same-sex partners in resolving the issues that come with these relationships.

For more information on how to protect your rights, contact the experienced Columbia attorneys at The Law Firm of Lorri Kline. 

Same-Sex Partners and Unmarried Couples

The members of same-sex and unmarried couples live together, raise children, save money and care for each other just as married spouses do. Unfortunately, the legal protections extended to these couples are not the same as those enjoyed by couples considered married under Missouri law.

The best time to meet with an attorney is before an issue arises. Same-sex and unmarried couples who wait to put their wishes in legal form run the risk of being denied access to a loved one in the healthcare setting. When same-sex parents dissolve a union, one parent may be denied access to the child the couple has raised together. If one of the partners dies, the other may not receive the assets and property the couple worked together to accumulate over the course of a lifetime together.

An attorney can give you the legal tools you need to protect your loved one, yourself and your family. At The Law Firm of Lorri Kline, our representation of unmarried and same-sex partners includes:

  • Domestic partnership agreements
  • “Living together” agreements
  • Adoption
  • Nontraditional family dissolution
  • Partition suits to divide real estate
  • Division of assets
  • Child custody and visitation
  • Child support